5 things to look for in a bankruptcy lawyer

Your personal relationships have gone haywire and you are financially broke. This leads you to introspect and find a solution, to no avail. The good news is though there may or may not be a way out in your personal front, you always have the bankruptcy law to go to for getting out of your financial disarray. Hiring the right lawyer will pull you out of this plight and ease the financial scene. A lawyer who is not well versed in bankruptcy law will not only make the proceedings risky, but also would be in jeopardy. 
Thus the 5 main points to keep in mind before attempting to hire a lawyer are
Expert in or practices bankruptcy law regularly 
Knowledge of local rules and trustees
Experience in the bankruptcy law.
Client friendly fee
Updates regularly, the proceedings of your case
Regular and skilled practitioner 
One of the most complex and tricky areas of law is Bankruptcy. Lawyers who are skilled and regular in bankruptcy law may not be able to gauge the potential loopholes encompassing the case. This results in your case being quashed and ultimately losing your assets and properties. Mishandling may also lead to your attending more court sessions.   When selecting a bankruptcy attorney check for the one who is an expert in or has won significant number of bankruptcy cases. For example a regular lawyer who practices a land acquisition law might not be of much help in bankruptcy case.
Local rules and trustees
Every district court has its own local rules besides the common federal bankruptcy law. Also, in addition to the above process the individual bankruptcy trustees for your district have to follow some extra procedures.  So selecting a lawyer who is accustomed to your local rules and trustees will make the proceedings of the case effortless for you.
Experience in the bankruptcy law
Bankruptcy cases need thorough knowledge to be handled successfully ad they are complex in many ways. Chapter 13 debt of a businessman will have more issues when compared to chapter 7 debt of a person with no assets. There are several lawyers available who have their website links such as http://www.thebklawyers.com/, through which you can book a personal meeting with the lawyer. If your case has complexity then you better reach out to a lawyer who has successful practices in bankruptcy law. 
Client friendly fee 
Since you are already filing for bankruptcy, spending a lot on legal fees would sound cumbersome. The fee depends on the intricacies of your case and whether it belongs to chapter 7 or chapter 13 of bankruptcy law. It’s always better to approach 2 or more expert lawyers and compare their fees. Decide the one which best suits your case giving consideration to affordability and experience. Thus is crucial to your case.
Regular updates on proceedings
Regular updates are required after filing bankruptcy lawsuit and also a lot of documentation goes into it. A lawyer who is always a call or an email away should be the preferred candidate. It's a strict no-no for the one who is unapproachable from consultation stage itself.